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One time out per situation; Shooting fouls are two shots and everything else is 1 and 1. Possession arrow goes to the team that starts the situation on defense. Overtime is SUDDEN DEATH. Winner is the first team to lead by 2 points.

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But, in general, in most games, the things that happen the most are: Rebounding - if there are 50 missed shots in a game, then your team of 5 has 250 rebound opportunities. Getting back on defense—happens after each time you have the ball. Passing and catching the basketball on offense—hundreds of time per game.

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Situational Drills - Breakthrough Basketball

Once the clock starts, you coach to win the game. Adjust your defense and offense to do exactly what you would do in a game. Call time outs, strategically foul, make substitutions based on roles, put on or take off pressures. You can "reset" your situation (1 timeout left, both teams in the bonus, postmen have 4 fouls, etc.).

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If the offense scores, defense stays out there until they get a stop. If the defense gets a stop, the next squad rotates in. If there are not enough players to rotate, offense and defense switches. Any time a possession is over, the player with the ball speed dribbles to the half-court line to start again.

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Tj (Head Men’s Basketball Coach) Micah, and Graham (Assistant Men’s Basketball Coaches) coach at Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, Georgia. In addition to a drill to work on trapping, rotating, and passing out of traps, there is a segment on working on game-like passes that you throw in your offense.

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1 starts the drill by passing to 2. 2 passes back and 1 hits 3 for a lay-up. 2 rebounds the ball out of the net and the players head back to the end where they started. 1 sprints around the cone that are there to teach players to run wide, and 3 sprints out to the opposite wing.

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A Games Approach to Teaching Basketball Skills. As I have mentioned, I’m a huge fan of game-based learning drills. They’re fun and better simulate what actually happens in a game… The traditional drills (ex: dribbling around cones) have their place in your practices.

73 Basketball Drills for Players and Coaches (2021 Update)

When the drill begins, the defenders will run around trying to steal the basketball from the offensive team. The defenders goal is to get a deflection or a steal. The offensive players must stay in one space and pass the ball around to each other keeping the basketball away from the defenders.