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Accumulator Calculator - Quickly Work Out Your Return

Double bet calculator - Work out returns for doubles using this comprehensive calculator. Offers an easy to use interface that handles each way bets, perms, rule4, dead heats and more. Suitable for all sports. Treble bet calculator - A calculator designed to handle the 3 selections and options available in a treble.

Each Way Bet Calculator - Quickly Work Out Your Return

Note that all selections must finish in a placing position to achieve a return. Accumulator bet calculator - Supports up to 20 selections in an each way accumulator. Choose your options and enter the odds for the returns to be calculated. Supports rule 4 deductions, dead heats, non runners, fold betting and more.

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Accumulator Bet Calculator - The quick way to calculate Accumulator bets. An Accumulator bet consists of 4 or more selections taking part in different events. All selections must win for you to make a profit, with the return from each selection carried forward to provide the stake for the next selection. This compounding effect can be used to generate a large return, but each additional selection makes it correspondingly more difficult to win.

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Use our accumulator calculator to work out your potential betting returns on four or more combined bets. Free, easy to use and available for all betting markets.

Accumulator Bet Calculator | Work Our Your Winnings Now

How to Use Our Accumulator Betting Calculator. Here is the step by step guide how to use the accumulator bet calculator: Select the ‘Outcome’ for each selection like “Winner”, “Placed”, “Lost”. Select the ‘Odds’ for each selection like “2/1”, “4/1”, “15/2”. Select the ‘Stake’ wagered per bet like “£10”, “£20”, “£50”.

Each Way Bet Calculator | Work Out Your Return | OddsMonkey

With an each way bet we are actually placing 2 seperate bets. 1 bet on the win and 1 bet on the place. Let’s use a horse race as an example. If our horse wins we win both the win part and the place part. If the horse only places we lose the win part but win the place part. Example. You backed Tiger Roll to win the Grand National, you placed a £5 each way bet at odds of 10/1.

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Accumulator Calculator. An accumulator bet often consists of more than three selections, with one stake and all selections must win for the bet to continue. The winnings of each selection goes onto the next to calculate the winnings. Again, you can use a bet calculator to work this out, by entering your stake and the odds of each selection. Yankee Calculator. A yankee bet consists of four selections and 11 bets through the selections, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a four-fold accumulator.

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With our easy-to-use online betting calculator, you can check your potential winnings - depending on odds, stake and bet type. Simply enter the details and our betting calculator will predict your returns and show your anticipated profit. You can use this odds calculator for all types of bet on offer online at William Hill, including each-way bets!

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Free Online Bet Calculator | Paddy Power. Bet type. Single Double Treble Fourfold Fivefold Sixfold Sevenfold Eightfold Accumulator Trixie Yankee Canadian / Super Yankee Patent Lucky 15 Lucky 31 Lucky 63 Heinz Super Heinz Goliath Super Heinz with Singles Super Goliath. Odds Type.