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Understanding a Back Row Attack in Volleyball

In a back row attack, the back row player jumps from behind the white line, also known as the ten-foot line, or the three-meter line and contacts the ball. Penalty In a back row attack, the back row attacker must jump from behind the three-meter line.

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A backrow player can attack the ball (above the top of the net) as long as she jumps from behind the ten foot line. She can land from her jump in front of the ten foot line, it is the take off ...

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This video clearly explains what an attack hit fault is!The 3 things you have to be aware of when judging an attack hit fault are:1. The ball's position in c...

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When a back row player attacks the ball by jumping from behind the 3m line before hitting the ball. If the back row player steps on or past the 3m line during take-off, the attack is illegal. « Back to Glossary Index

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A backrow hitter is allowed to cross over the ten foot line during a rally and attack hit a ball as long as a part of the ball is below the level of the net when they make contact. Lastly neither a front row or back row player can attack a serve from the opposing team when the ball is inside the ten foot line and higher than the top of the net.

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When they are behind the 3m line, or back row, they may only attack from behind the 3m line and occupy a primarily defensive position. In 6 vs. 6 volleyball you see the greatest specialization of players with positions dedicated to passing/digging, setting and attacking/blocking.

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Back Row Attack: Back row players can not attack the ball front row. If they attack, they have to perform the jump behind the attack line (10 feet line, 3 meter line). IMPORTANT! The ball has to be completely above the net for it to be an illegal attack; Antennas: It is ALLOWED to play the ball off the net.

Can a Libero Attack The Ball? Volleyball Rules Explained

Back row player (libero included): MAY jump and attack the ball from in front of the 10’ line (provided the ball is below the height of the net). Back row player (libero included): MAY NOT jump and attack the ball from anywhere on the court when the ball is entirely above the net at the time of contact. How the Rules are Typically Enforced